Pandemic Defender

For our customers needing the greatest protection, we have you covered.  

If this box could talk it would say: "It's better to be safe than sorry”.  The Pandemic Defender box is full of daily use products to keep you washing, sanitizing, and purifying all day long.  Our easy to use, disposable packets keep things simple and contamination-free. 

You can upgrade this box to include:

  • Designer Mask(s) – Add a gorgeous designer mask to your box
  • Colorful Surgical Masks – These beautiful, disposable masks replace the standard surgical masks that come with your box

Products in your Pandemic Defender Monthly Box 

  • 1 monthly protective, transparent, lightweight face shield
  • 1 monthly silicone support bracket for under face mask
  • 1 designer mask
  • 30 daily disposable masks
  • 30 daily disposable gloves
  • 60 single use hand sanitizer gel packets
  • 60 single use antimicrobial hand sanitizing wipes
  • 30 single use glasses/phone/credit card cleaners
  • 10 antibacterial soap papers
  • 8 single use antibacterial surface wipes
  • 6 air purifying incense sticks
  • 4 disposable steering wheel covers
  • 4 disposable gear shift covers
  • 10 trash bags for car
  • 1 can of Lysol disinfectant spray
  • Over 256 products for your daily & monthly protection
  • Box contains 30 daily use packets. Each packet has everything you need for the day to fight COVID-19