Block Party

Nothing beats making a decision which saves you time & money.  The Block Party subscription box does both! This box has enough products to keep everyone safe, healthy & protected on their day's adventures.  It also comes with child safe sanitizers, face masks and face shields.  

You can upgrade this box to include:

  • Designer Mask(s) – Add a gorgeous designer mask to your box
  • Colorful Surgical Masks – These beautiful, disposable masks replace the standard surgical masks that come with your box

Products in your Block Party Monthly Box 


  • 2 protective, transparent, lightweight face shields
  • 2 silicone support brackets for under face mask
  • 2 designer masks
  • 60 disposable masks
  • 60 disposable gloves
  • 120 single use hand sanitizer gel packets
  • 60 single use antimicrobial hand sanitizing wipes
  • 60 single use cleaners for credit cards, cell phones, tablets and glasses
  • 20 antibacterial soap papers
  • 8 single use anti-bacterial surface wipes
  • 6 purifying incense sticks
  • 16 disposable steering wheel covers
  • 16 disposable gear shift covers
  • 10 plastic trash bags for the car
  • 1 can of Lysol disinfectant spray
  • Box contains 60 daily use packets. Each packet has everything you need for the day to fight the transmission of COVID-19


  • 60 disposable masks
  • 2 child-safe antimicrobial hand sanitizing wipes (Package of 20)
  • 2 protective, transparent, lightweight face shield
  • Over 507 products for your family’s daily & monthly protection